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Welcome to « Analyze This »!

« Analyze This » is Metrohm’s analytical chemistry blog. We want to use this platform to provide useful information and resources for all those working or studying in the field of analytical chemistry: experts from our company share their tips and tricks for the lab, their knowledge on the fundamentals of analytical chemistry, news in norms and standards, and more! Subscribe with your email at the bottom of the page.

Who we are

Metrohm manufactures high-precision instruments for chemical analysis. We provide analytical solutions for academia as well as for a wide range of industries, e.g., food and beverage, pharma, and environmental analyses. Our portfolio includes titration, ion chromatography, voltammetry and electrochemical analysis techniques, as well as NIR and Raman spectroscopy—for both lab and process analysis.

Since its founding in 1943, Metrohm has grown from a small start-up with only a good dozen employees to a global organization of thousands. But it’s not your run-of-the-mill corporation. The company belongs to the charitable Metrohm Foundation, which founder Bertold Suhner initiated before retiring to maintain independence, social responsibility, as well as financial and ecological sustainability in his company. More about Metrohm

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